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    Phone not ringing

    Hi all, so I brought my S2 back from Germany and my entire family decided it was awesome and went and bought one each, including my mother obtaining them as company phones for all the people at her work. One has had a problem, my mother's.

    When I or my sister call her it either doesn't ring or rejects the call. The rejection is happening to my sister mostly (haha that sounds way worse when read as an individual sentence) and when I call her it will ring and the phone will ring but with no sound.

    I have checked all the settings I can think of, auto call rejection is off, changed ringtones and volumes etc etc etc, but haven't found the solution as of yet.

    She says that she is having some other problems too such, it seems to be unlocking itself, sometimes not sending messages "message sending failed" and the Swype is misbehaving a lot.... (I told her to go get the new beta as that runs beautifully on mine)

    All that said, the main problem is the call ringing not working. It works for some contacts but not others, for example, I am in her office right now, I call her phone with the office phone, no problem, with my phone and it is like it is on vibrate mode.

    Any ideas would be great Thanks a lot!!

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    She will have to think back to when she first noticed this and if she had downloaded any apps around that time, or had a software update etc. It could be an app conflicting or a software upgrade that was corrupted. One sure way to know if it is hardware or software is to do a factory reset which will reset the OS and remove any user downloaded app, emails and SMS/MMS messages. (photos and videos will remain on phone). If it still plays up after this then it could be a hardware issue which would need to go back to Samsung for repair. Also you could check what sooftware is running on the phone (*#1234#) as there may be an update available.
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