The Samsung Galaxy S III has just got some Cool accessories to add some extra functionality to this awesome device, Samsung will release the accessories with the device release on the Market, which is expected to be by the End of this Month.

Here are the Available Accessories for the S III:
Flip cover
Battery-charging stand
Wireless charging Kit
Spare battery
Car dock
Metallic docking stand
HDMI AllShare adapter

Samsung is pushing its AllShare wireless service for pushing music out to external devices with an AllShare Cast Dongle.

One of the best designed accessories is the S Pebble, an MP3 player that should function in concert with the Galaxy S III for more Music control wirelressly from your phone.

Samsung Also Introduces a Wireless Charing kit for the S III, It is an optional extra instead of regular charger, But you will have to swap the back cover for that is compatible. Customers had to do a similar thing with the Palm Pre: the original backplate was plastic, and charging back cover rubberized with a conductive coil built into the case.