Another day and another leaked info, NateNews, a popular korean News website stated that a Samsung Electronics official said, "Galaxy S3 will feature a dedicated button to 'S cloud' and one for 'speech recognition', etc. In addition to its predecessor there are two additional buttons mounted".

According to the Rumor, Here is what the Next Galaxy will pack:
1- Back Button (Standard on ICS)
2- Home Button (Standard on ICS)
3- Recent Apps Button (Standard on ICS)
4- sCloud shortcut Button (launch the s-Cloud App)
5- Speech recognition Button (Voice command)

According to this Samsung Employee the S3 will sport design features of the Galaxy Nexus. Other interesting facts are that the Galaxy S2 is in thickness and weight, 8.9mm thick and 121 G the S3 will be much thinner and lighter,with 7mm thin and the weight is expected to shrink even more than 2 ~ 3g. He also confirm that the device will have a 4.8" SuperAMOLED HD display with the new 1.5 GHz quad-core processor "Exynos 4412" along with Android ICS 4.0.3 onboard.