I recently got a Galaxy S II i9100M model unlocked, and am trying to use a Rogers (Canadian) SIM card in it.

The phone works great, and I am love the phone. However, I am having a weird issue with calls that I am hoping someone can shed some light on.

The microphones on the phone work OK - I can use the Voice Record app just fine, and do speech recognition through Google's built in app and Vlingo just fine.

However, anytime I am on a phone call, my outgoing voice can be hardly heard (or not at all). I can hear the other person just fine but they can hardly hear me. It's like the mic volume is turned down or something is put infront of it when I call only. I've even tried using a wired headset to see if that would work, and no luck with that either!

Does anyone know why the mic would work fine, except on calls?

I've played with both the stock Bell firmware, and some updated firmware from other regions with no change.

If it's a hardware issue, I wouldn't be able to use the mic for voice recording would I?