I bought the samsung galaxy s2 last week and have had problems with the battery since the day I bought it. The battery icon on the screen does not tell me how much battery is left - it is always full, and so I have no way of knowing when the phone is about to die. When the battery does die, the phone shuts off completely, i cannot make anything show on the screen, so I plug in the charger and a battery icon with a yellow triangle and exclamation mark appears. After I have left it like this for a couple of hours, the only way I can turn the phone back on is to take out the battery and put it in again, and it seems to be fully charged, though still only lasts 9hrs and I have to do it all again.

Is there something I should be doing?? Any help would be greatly appreciated as the nearest telstra shop to me is 400km away so I won't be able to get back there within the 30 days before the warranty runs out, and I will be stuck with this phone for the next 24 months!