Ok so I brought one of those generic silicon cases. Fine protection but loose fitting and makes my Note look like a cheap tablet...Not cool.

Case-Mate took their time bringing out ANY cases for the Galaxy Note. Finally I managed to get hold of a Barely There style minimal case for my Note. Its only just been released. The good news is the company is working on more cases for the note.

I can say that I'm pleased with the case. Its very nice indeed and good looking. Offers some level of protection with out taking away from the Notes slick look. While not perfect I feel that Case Mate should have given a little more plastic lip on the top and bottom. So if you drop your phone often this isn't the case to be looking for. This case is to protect against scratches and raises the camera surround from touching surfaces.

Rating and verdict:


The Good.

Nice matte texture hides finger prints.
Looks the part and fits the phones style 100%

The Bad.

Doesn't offer protection to the top and bottom of the Note. Which I feel could have
been included without making it any larger in size.


Quick hands on video


Where I got it: Ebay listing here