Hello, I'm new to the forum and hope to get some help. The model number of my phone is SPH-D710, running Android 2.3.6 I am using the earbuds that came with my previous Epic 4g and have also tried using earbuds designed for ipod/ipad.

I would like to change the functionality of the center button on my earphones.

Currently, one click brings up call history and two clicks calls most recent number in call history. Three clicks hangs up call, and holding button down brings up "Voice Talk" app. I have tried a couple of different apps (Headset Button Control, Klipsch Control, etc) to add volume, pause/play, skip to next track functionality but none has worked. Chatted with a rep on Samsung Galaxy SII support site who said it is not possible to change the functionality, but still holding out hope.

Would appreciate any help. Thanks!