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Thread: Micro SD Card getting Very Hot

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    Micro SD Card getting Very Hot

    New to forum - so this is also a trial run.
    Maybe i'll get a response here.

    I hadn't noticed before, with a decent cover on the phone, but i have noticed since i took off the leather cover that the back of the phone has been getting hot in one spot. I took off the back and noticed the sd card metal contact hold is getting very hot. When i dismount the phone and take out the card, the metal contact hold (or socket) cools.

    So i assume the phone is attempting to drive the sd card, and is encountering some "resistance" somehow - creating heat.?

    It's possible the phone took a fall that may have affected it.

    I'm wondering if the sd card could itself have got damaged if it dismounted after a fall of the phone. Of course the phone itself could be damaged - i'm not sure of either.

    Or ... could it have been an issue with the sd card or the phone itself from the start that i didn't notice because of the leather cover?

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    Just start narrowing down the options, there is a possibility that it could be a software problem? Do you copy your apps to your external SD card?

    Also have you updated firmware or installed a custom rom? Try a Factory Reset?

    Try using another mSD Card to see if the problem occurs again?

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    If you have software constantly swapping data on and off the card then it will generate more heat. It would have to be going some to do this though. Normally an application stored on the card would copy out into RAM once on demand and then no more read operations would be required until the application was killed and required reloading. If data was constantly being rewritten, then that might be a possibility due to badly written software that was using FLASH instead of RAM to store temporary data but the flash card would likely have a short life and start corrupting if that were the case. There is the possibility that the card could have been damaged due to static discharge (e.g. picking it up after walking on a nylon carpet) - then you could have a resistive flaw in the silicone draining power. But has it done this from new? It could have been damaged to start with. Best try swapping it as suggested to see if it makes a difference.
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