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Thread: Problem syncing outlook contacts using Kies

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    Problem syncing outlook contacts using Kies

    I'm quite a novice at organizing all the necessary software and settings on my new Galaxy S (got it just a few days ago).
    After reading up in the forums, decided to sync my outlook contacts using Kies.
    1. Downloaded the latest Kies version to my PC.
    2. Connected my Galaxy with the USB cable.
    3. Kies recognises my phone. Seemed pretty easy and straightforward until this point.
    4. Pressed the contacts/outlook sync button.
    5. What happened is that the few contacts I had on the phone were copied into my outlook BUT all outlook contacts were not copied back into the Galaxy.
    6. After a few trials of adding/changing/deleting contacts on the phone and on the Galaxy, seems that what is happening is a one way "sync" (if you can call that a sync): any changes made to a contact on the Galaxy will appear in the parallel contact in outlook after the sync, but changes made to that same contact on outlook will not copy back to the Galaxy. And of course, I still have a pile of contacts on my outlook that never made it into the Galaxy.
    Thought there might be some setting in Kies that I've overlooked, but can't seem to find it.
    Any help will be much appreciated,

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    I know it's not the right way to do it but I don't use outlook so it's just a suggestion...

    Is there an option in outlook to export all the contacts as a single .vcf file ? Because if there is, you can import that file into the Galaxy.
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    Do not use KIES to sync your phone with Outlook!

    Down load and install Google apps sync for outlook;

    This way you sync your outlook contacts/calender with your google cloud account.
    Then make sure your Galaxy is syncing with your google account over the air- Contacts/ calender/ email

    Once you have set all this up, your phone will sync with your outlook in real time without any cable or pain trying to get Kies to work.

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    I DID IT!!! Outlook to GMAIL to Captivate:

    I recently purchased the Samsung Captivate and I was just about to return it when I learned how to sync with OutLook by accident. After many hours of reading, downloading apps and Kies (10 hrs at least), I was looking at the export option in my Gmail acct and noticed that the only contacts were the recent ones I had manually put in myself. So all I did was export my contacts from OutLook to Gmail and told my phone to snyc and BINGO!!!!; IT WAS DONE.

    I believe all Droid OS phones require a GMAIL acct just to get apps from the Droid Market Place. I hope I save many from the heartache/headaches I just went through. Shame on Samsung for making it so difficult to do this simple but mandatory function on such a great phone.

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    Hello I am new to this site and have a few days ago got my Samsung Galaxy and was advised to download http;// and tick on 2-way sync so that I can sync with my outlook calander and after doing this my new phone has got all my added details that my outlook has has duplicated them! So I deleted the one that was first entered into Outlook and then manually synced it again and it added them all again!! Help! Can anyone enlighten me how this can be sorted pleeeeease!

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