Just looking at the files on my SGS and looking at what i can delete to clear out some of the crap left behind by Apps.

Any one know if i can safley delete the following?

Folder called z7Logs and 6 files inside call Android-logs-2010-09-30_17-323-33-vvv.zip (the date time stamp is different for each one)

Folder called Product Code Check which contains a folder called 20101105-1348425 which has 2 files in it called nv_data.bin and nv_data.bin.md5 I think SGSTools created this when i did a product code check.

Folder called sd this has a file in it called devicefriendlyname.txt
I think this may be left over from Eclair as my SD card is now accesed from the folder called external_sd