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Thread: TomTom bluetooth connection problem

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    TomTom bluetooth connection problem

    As a new Galaxy S owner I am trying to setup my TomTom bluetooth connection so that I can retrieve live traffic data. The pairing with my TomTom730 seemed "messy" and eventually happened but only after several failed attempts where the process seemed to stall half way through.
    The traffic updates aren't happening and I'm wondering whether this may be due to the fact that I am constantly being prompted from the phone to "accept" the bluetooth connection for the TomTom.
    A previous set up with TomTom connected to a Nokia worked fine. On the Nokia I was able to set the TomTom connection up as a "trusted" connection and hence didnt have to confirm everytime a traffic update was taking place. Is there anyway to set up specific bluetooth connections on the Samsung as trusted?
    Thanks in advance

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    Had the same issue where he pairing was constantly asking for the pin when trying to connect to my TT720.
    I read somewhere else that doing a reset of the TT with a paperclip would help, so I tried it and it worked.
    It asked for the pin in the notification area, and I was able to tick the trusted device flag so it never asked again. this only seems to appear when setting up a new connection after a reset, I cannot find a way of forcing it to appear)

    I have the phone paired successfully with a trusted connection and the handsfree works etc,
    But I cannot get the traffic to update via the data connection.

    On another forum I read to check the APN details, and found that I only had the vodafone WAP APN setup, and that I need to install the one for "internet for contract"
    Did this, but still no traffic connection.

    Has anybody got a traffic service working between a tomtom and their Galaxy S?
    Or does anyone have any advice recommendations on how to do it, what to check please?
    I know their are apps on the phone that I could use in place of the tomtom, but as I already own the device and have paid for a subscription, I would like to get some use out of it.
    I have emailed TomTom and got their usual response that the phone is not on their supported list.

    Any ideas would be greatlfully received,



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    Sorted - for now (touch wood!).

    The TomTom bluetooth connection was not the only issue I was having with my Galaxy. The GPS function on the phone was also playing up. Sometimes it would lock on and at other times it just wouldn't even try looking for a GPS signal depsite having GPS turned on.

    After some investigation on the web it seemed that a firmware upgrade would probably resolve these and other issues. bit therein lay yet another problem. I couldnt even get Kies to instal and run properly on my PC - when it did eventually fire up it then didnt recognise my phone.

    Then last week I decided to try again with the latest version of Kies. It installed first time no problems, recognised my phone straight away and allowed me to do what seemd to be a faultless firmware upgrade. I now have a fully working internal GPS and location system AND have managed to pair with my TomTom via bluetooth AND can now receive realtime traffic updates. Success.

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