When I'm listening to music, and I recieve a text or phone call, the phone does not make any attempt to let me know about it, and just carrys on playing the music. Admittedly the phone is in silent mode, but I remember previously it did used to mute the song temporarily just for a second to let you know. It still plays the ringtone when not in silent, but if i get a text, i just want to be notified, not interupt the entire song.

Interestingly, it now also randomly pauses the music in music player whenever it wants, and occasionally even turns it off, this may be an app issue though but i've been tinkering with apps that might logically be doing that, and cant find anything. (app killer, etc) Frankly, between that and the swype's inability to adjust the built in dictionary so it throws up works like "chev", "wisc" and "rotc", i'm beggining to lose my rag with the thing tbh.