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: Galaxy S4 User Help and Solutions

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  22. remove pictures
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  27. Smashed screen/digitizer
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  29. Delivery reports
  30. Using Odin
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  35. S Health stopping since update
  36. ANDROID 4.3 Name?
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  39. Cannot safely connect to server
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  41. Spam
  42. Samsung IAP?
  43. Unfortunately, Samsung TTS HD UK English Has Stopped.
  44. Kies 3....ha,ha...
  45. Tracking/Find my mobile app - help please
  46. Samsung s4 wont boot up after i tired downgraded to 4.3 version
  47. official kitkat for samsung s4 i9505
  48. After KitKat update Lots of issues
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  54. Something strange happened today.
  55. Calendar issue
  56. Annoying alerts
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  58. radio fm
  59. battery life lower
  60. Bluetooth Car Speaker.
  61. problem with the phone
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  63. Help with Knox log in
  64. Battery drain with Mobile data because of GPSD
  65. cracked screen
  66. Samsung Galaxy S4 speaker making crackling noise
  67. Gmail locks up opening attachments
  68. new to S4
  69. Bluetooth from S4 to Windows 7 paired, but can't access files on phone.
  70. connection question
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  76. E-mail sync
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