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  1. Samsung confirm Galaxy S will get the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update.
  2. Porting Android 2.2 Froyo over to the Galaxy S possible?
  3. A warning before you take this path. (Please read before doing anything)
  4. Galaxy S rooted!
  5. Latest Galaxy S Firmware I9000XXJF5 out
  6. Android 2.2 can be flashed?
  7. Anyone who had root tried sth cool?
  8. how to root your Galaxy S
  9. List of default applications safe to uninstall on rooted Galaxy S
  10. Firmware update via kies
  11. Galaxy S overclock CPU
  12. i9000 Galaxy S open source codes
  13. where can i get Firmware I9000XXJF5 ?
  14. OK, now on custom ROM, have Root ;) Now what?
  15. For Hackers and Modifiers: GPS??
  16. Flash firmware without windows 7
  17. Firmware downgraded after installed custom rom
  18. Has anyone got a copy of XXJF3 firmware?
  19. how to replace internal SD with NAND
  20. im using the new I9000XWJFF and i like it
  21. New Firmware out i9000XWJG1 (July) All languages
  22. Removing Touchwiz?
  23. change 'low battery warning' levels
  24. Learn how to create themes for Android
  25. anyone know anything about coding?
  26. Video Tutorial/Walkthrough on Flashing Firmware
  27. Video Tutorial/Walkthrough on Flashing the MCR r2 rom on Firmware i9000XWJG1
  28. JG3 is out
  29. I Neeh Help Flashing To I9000XWJG3
  30. Has anyone got these ROM updates to really work? I only got trouble
  31. Questions about flashing JG3
  32. Help
  33. Another (Modded stock rom): Doc's BareboneGalaxy .6
  34. Create an Android App with no programming knowledge
  35. Detailed guide on rooting the Galaxy S
  36. OK. I've rooted my phone. Now what?
  37. Captivate and Vibrant already root accessable.
  38. New I9000XWJG5 ?
  39. whats the best cutom rom
  40. Flashing OPTUS supplied Galaxy S
  41. changing boot animation?
  42. Problem installing from Marketplace after Flash
  43. i9000ADJF1 on o2
  44. jg5 flashing, anyone had wifi issues?
  45. SD card speed fix - should work on any firmware [i have JG5]
  46. i just wiped my phone and messed something up
  47. Hacking Failure
  48. Samsung Galaxy S Forums App
  49. NoLED - LED notification
  50. modaco's custome rom release 3 now available for use with jg5
  51. Help!
  52. a query
  53. Epic Fail on flashing to JG5
  54. New firmware I9000XWJM1 now available
  55. detailed guide on SD card fix
  56. New firmware I9000XWJM2 now available
  57. Galaxy S on UK Orange.
  58. New features from Firmware I9000XJM2
  59. does anyone know where to get other notification bars?
  60. benefits of rooting
  61. UK t-mobile I9000xxjf3 What's the latest I can use?
  62. Needing Reassured.
  63. Failed updating from I9000XXJF3 to I9000XXJF7: white screen of death??
  64. Question about flashing firmware
  65. Un Root
  66. New Firmware I9000XWJM2 (22nd July)
  67. firmware
  68. Damn it!!!! We have Froyo!!!
  69. Any ways to root Froyo?
  70. Would you update help?
  71. Question about Android Market when flashing
  72. froyo custom rom out
  73. How to remove a SIM lock on Galaxy S
  74. removing things from the dock
  75. Flashing without windows
  76. Blank Screen
  77. JP3 is now Available
  78. JM2 signal issues, keeps losing network!!
  79. SD Card fix vs NAND fix.
  80. Port Any Android Theme to Any Build
  81. firmware updated over the air
  82. Cyanogenmod Team announces Galaxy S support!
  83. How to overlock the Galaxy S hummingbird CPU to 1.2 Ghz
  84. Root for Android 2.2
  85. New version of Kies
  86. XXJP3 (Froyo) pre-rooted for Odin
  87. Which Firmware for me?
  88. Stupid Firmware Flashing
  89. VideoView/MediaPlayer doesn't play video from internal storage
  90. i9000XWJM5 Released
  91. i9000XXJP3 REVIEW
  92. JP3 Lag Fix - ext 3
  93. Computer does not recognise my phone after rooting ...
  94. Don't have Android Market? Don't worry here is your solution!
  95. overclock the Galaxy S
  96. hitting over 2700 in benchmarks with new fix
  97. New lag fix simplified
  98. Back to Square 1
  99. improve audio loudness
  100. Help regarding firmware
  101. lag fix
  102. Factory Reset
  103. New Uk official firmware (old news for those already flashing)
  104. Jm3 ..........
  105. New Lagfix 2
  106. offical jm1 upgrade
  107. Ota update
  108. Has anyone tried JH2 firmware (for Vibrant) on their Galaxy S?
  109. turn mediascanning from automatic to manual
  110. IPv6 on the Galaxy S
  111. Just got Galaxy S through from Orange today - odd firmware?
  112. Vodaphone void warranties on official updates!
  113. Windows phone 7?
  114. Windows phone 7?
  115. Oh God... I think I've bricked my brand new Galaxy S... Expert help needed please!
  116. upgrade to JM5 but i have simlcok
  117. Flashed with new firmware - can't connect to internet
  118. Firmware Upgrade DH09 for SHW-M110S (Korean Version)
  119. Eclipse and Android SDK
  120. Maximising CPU Time for PSX4droid
  121. multicsc : can not acces to /system/cec/SER/system/
  122. Updating From JF3
  123. Warranty gets void with official Froyo OTA update?
  124. I just couldn't wait for Froyo any longer
  125. trouble rooting...
  126. Weird CSC version ?
  127. SIM Unlock for Galaxy S / Vibrant
  128. Galaxy S is bricked after battery drained out ! Need help.
  129. How to create a backup using Rom Manager
  130. What do ROM's do?
  131. JM6 is out
  132. 3 Ways of getting to Recovery Mode
  133. Firmware flashing reducing battery life?
  134. change hsdpa band on vibrant?
  135. How to show protected apps in market for JP3
  136. Not able to get into recovery menu using phone only
  137. Running I9000ADF1 - do I need to flash new firmware before I can use custom ROMs?
  138. Kies update has bricked me help please fast!
  139. HELP - Flash different location file?
  140. Hong Kong JP2 is out
  141. I900xxjpc now available
  142. What are the costs and benefits of ROOTING?
  143. Samsung-firmwares is now back online!
  144. Query about ROM Requirements
  145. Ryanza's one click lag fix
  146. before i flash...question
  147. JM7 is out
  148. Firmware for O2 in the UK?
  149. Stupid question - whats the difference with all the firmwares?
  150. Powers up as soon as battery is inserted - can i still flash?
  151. Download Mode
  152. confused with rooting :(
  153. PDA and CSC?
  154. Help me please
  155. Lag Fix - Android 2.2
  156. help i think phone is bricked!!!!!!!!!
  157. Problem re-flashing
  158. Ridiculous Quadrant scores
  159. help - failed root!
  160. Froyo 2.2 Galaxy S Firmware?
  161. Help!! Not coming on after updating with kies
  162. Can anyone help with firmware upgrading basics?
  163. What would happen if I deleted all the folders on my internal sd card
  164. How to install Kernel?
  165. Always " Updates available " ?.
  166. JG4, is it good?
  167. (ROM) Doc's RomMod Froyo V2 (I9000XXJPC) 2/9/10
  168. Does everything get wiped when I flash? + Problem with MTP app closing/opening
  169. Firmwares version timeline?
  170. Need Help.
  171. Stuck on Yellow Triangle
  172. Which firmware? help
  173. XDA developer site cannot be found
  174. Froyo bricked my phone
  175. ZSJP3 now available on
  176. Root Safety
  177. need help firmware version
  178. Rombie v2 -*I9000XXJPC* Froyo Themed|no TouchWiz|Pre-Rooted|LagFix -*12/9/2010*
  179. Android 2.2 - Rooting
  180. 23 September rumor
  181. i9000XXJPH is out!!!!
  182. Flashing from JM7 to Froyo
  183. All new firmwares best workink with all the basic apps????????
  184. define rooting,lag,lagfix,any imp terms????
  185. Android botnets?
  186. 3 Button Combos Fix
  187. froyo probs n questions pls reply urgently
  188. 2.2 Ram
  189. 2.1 update 1 from Vodafone
  190. 2.1 + lagfix VS. 2.2 + lagfix
  191. Install applications on external memory
  192. Froyo and unlocked SGS?
  193. Kies Update From JM1 to JM3
  194. Centralized Unlock/Debrand (physically)
  195. How to make firmware backup?
  196. got to be daft to buy
  197. Samsung Spain Froyo
  198. OH NO!! froyo delayed till october
  199. Firmware upgrade problem
  200. will flashing a custom firmware prevent official updates through kies?
  201. A silly question: what is PIT
  202. Jm7 and gps
  203. I9000JPK is out! - 24/9/2010
  204. Recovery Mode - ADB Shell - No root permission
  205. Newb looking for friendly advice!
  206. I have a BIG IMPORTANT QUEST!
  207. How to remove carrier logo? (t-mobile/at%t)
  208. Froyo & the Canadian 3 button combo fix
  209. I can't restore an OS ! x
  210. help needed please
  211. Need an Expert in SCS Model: SHW-M103 Korean Version...
  212. [Q] Please Help me, im really in trouble here
  213. latest kies update
  214. bujg2 FIRMWARE
  215. Nome noob like questions...
  216. some newbie questions about firmware?
  217. new kies upgrade??
  218. 3 Button Combo Fix........Result 1st Time
  219. galaxy s update
  220. JM8+ voodoo vs jpk ?
  221. Boot the phone??
  222. How do I save an "image" of my phone?
  223. Samsung Galaxy S: Update on Android 2.2 Froyo Release Date
  224. Unlocked Galaxy S Bricked, Help please!!!
  225. phone says KOR when its suppose to be european
  226. my galaxy s problems :-S
  227. EFS Folder
  228. Is my phone upgradable?
  229. I9000XWJM9 Spotted!
  230. firmware naming scheme
  231. Android 2.2 3 UK
  232. firmware update cannot be proceed
  233. XWJP6 AND JPM - October Froyo Firmwares Available
  234. MSC.Thunder plz help
  235. Where do i start???
  236. Erm, newbie here. ): Need helps.
  237. Jm8
  238. Screwed up flashing to 2.2 JP6
  239. Internal memory bit by bit
  240. wanted t know.
  241. noob mistake
  242. csc changes after flashing
  243. Playing it safe
  244. Help, I can't send a group mail
  245. What does debranding add to the phone?
  246. need help, please :( Messed up a bit...
  247. Need help, please Galaxy S problem
  248. Froyo in Serbia
  249. This Device's version cannot be updated ?!
  250. Trouble upgrading